Artifact: Valve's paths and creator of the game dispersed

Let's talk about the Artifact KKI! The last time information appeared about Valve's card game (the first new game from the studio after Dota 2), she lost players with aggressive progression. As it became known now... The game still continues to lose the players, and the few remaining gamers desperately need any signs that the game has not yet died. Cards - cards that were sold for real money - now you will cost you $ 60. This is for a complete set. There are practically no demands in abundance.

players in game forums, of course, desperately need communication, since the game has not received any patches since the end of January. Discussions about the translation of the game to a free basis were met by some anxiety from the remaining players who do not want their investments at all to depreciate, although it can be argued that "the ship not only sailed, but also reached its destination, and then, apparently, was burned. "

But, and this is not all, forget for a moment about reducing the base of Artifact players - now the card game has lost its most outstanding designer.

only now it became known that Richard Garfield from Magic: The Gathering was among a dozen or so employees whom Valve fired in February this year during a widely advertised dismissal in Steam. In addition to the loss of Garfield, his SKOFF colleague Elias also resigned.

Garfield said that the termination of the contract "made sense": "We were not surprised by temporary dismissal, given how shaky the launch was, the team was I was delighted with the game and was sure that they had a good product, but it became clear that it was not so. "

the artifact was not so good, to put it mildly. The daily average number of players of the Artifact KKI decreased from 11,000 players in December to 573 at present.

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