Ashes of creation: 10 facts of the siege of the castle

"If you are interested in large -scale battles that require tactics and strategies, then the castle is possible for you," the developers of MMORPG ASHES of CREATION write on their blog. Here are 10 facts about the siege of the castle in the MMORPG ASHES of CREATION from developers.

Mass battles

the siege of the castle is intended for mass events involving hundreds of people in the same siege . One of the reasons for the existence of ASHES OF CREATION APOCALYPSE is that we can solve the problems of increasing the number of players that we can cope with at the same time. Thanks to the last test in which more than 200 players took part, we are ready to increase this number even more. The goal is to organize the largest organized PVP-tickets among all MMORPG.

tactics and strategy

there should be a counterpart for each game. We often see how the siege of the castle turns into a festival of graves that really does not reflect epic battles that we would like to see in Asshes of Creation. One of our key pillars is that the choice matters and this applies to tactics and strategies. A carefully formulated battle plan should defeat the statistical layers and bodies. It will be difficult to drag out grains, and they will be extremely opposed by siege weapons, traps and other tricks on the battlefield.

Casting is a serious work

If you are dexterous enough to capture the castle, you will now be responsible for its management. Castles will have their own nodes associated with them, and the development and protection of these nodes will determine the condition of your castle during the next siege. If you managed to control your kingdom well, you will have more good options for revealing events during the next siege. If you allow your population to the mouth, you may have to rely solely on your devices.

All castles are different

with five locks in the world, each of the world Which belongs to various civilizations from the distant past of Verra, you can expect that each castle has its own character. Different landscapes and different layouts will lead to the fact that each lock will have its advantages and disadvantages. The fact that you managed to take one castle does not mean that your strategies will be successful for the next. The commanders will have to take into account the location of the Earth, the time of day, the weather and even the seasons when forming their battles.

each class has its own role

to everyone Class and profession, there is something to take with you on the table during the siege. Again, it is important for us to feel the game / circuit, and the decision about who to take on the siege will depend on your resources with whom you are fighting and where you are fighting. Maybe this month you want to try the Dunzenkel castle, but the server has little high -quality wood, and you cannot create as much siege weapons as you want.

who gets the castle first?

These castles are busy when players arrive at Verra, and their current inhabitants must be removed before any player can apply for them. Castles will be dangerous and raid zones of high -level until they are cleaned, and the first group of players who will do this will receive the castle as their reward.

Everyone looks at you

locks have direct power over the nodes that belong to it, but also have small strength throughout the region to which they belong. All nodes belonging to this region pay tribute to the castle in the form of taxes paid directly to the castle. The monarch sets a bet and can use these income to improve defense capabilities, maintain direct components of the castle or provide positive effects and advantages to the residents of this region, as a generous ruler whom you are.

capture points

as the siege is on, a feeling of territory and progress appears in the battle. They are represented through control points, and each side begins with several already belonging. Others are present, but neutral. Since the control points are captured by one side, this side receives a temporary buff and increases the speed of their appearance. The other side will find that the speed of their appearance has decreased, and their final victory condition was distant from their reach. The regions of the Renaissance also have a portal that will allow the side to which it belongs to teleport to any control point that this side owns.


Above the destruction mechanism, which should help us make the siege of the castle, which seems to be cinematic and intuitive. If the fragments of the walls collapse to the ground after the siege technique breaks them, the blow will be felt as no other siege of the castle in such a MMORPG offered. Perhaps you do not need to destroy the entire wall, maybe if you do a fairly large hole, this will be enough to change the situation.

Sedimentary weapons

It would not be a siege of a locking castle. These are huge military vehicles that allow the attackers to destroy the walls, and to the defenders to keep them safe. Craftsmen can bring their own powerful schemes on the battlefield, or you can order a basic siege weapon from your friendly neighboring master. Defenders of the castle will be able to place their own defensive weapons and towers, based on how well they supported and defended their own nodes. The sky will be lit by fire and rage.

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