Ashes of creation: A little more details about the project

Yesterday, with the developers of the MMORPG ASHES of Creation, there was another meeting on which they shared information about the project and answered the questions posed.

So, shortly.

According to the developers, they tried to calculate that all the goals are realized on time, and even if any of them does not end, this will not affect the launch of the game.

regarding the angelic and demonic skins: their It will be possible to switch among themselves as the player wants, seasonal costumes will not be able to replace this appearance, they will dress on top.

regarding the craft system, the developers said that it would be the most worked out system that will develop a separate branch.

The developers want to make a balance so that the player does not spend all their time on the game, especially for those who cannot do this because of work or study, for example. Therefore, a certain emphasis on the player’s personal skills will be placed, which will allow you to compensate for the absence of a player in the game.

The equipment will be important such as a bonus and specific characteristics, especially since each class has its own.

The world will be full of events, so it will not be boring unambiguously.

the system of interaction with the monstrous bosses is still at the stage of consideration.

The game will have dancing.

The developers have already created a system for protecting accounts that will not allow selling gold and buying items for real money. Of course, to say that this defense is 100% difficult, but the team will try.

one of the profitable professions will be alchemy, since everyone will need the potion.

Stephen Sharif absolutely not against the game In several windows.

trade will be facilitated by a personal merchant in a store or tavern.

When the hero sleeps, he feels a surge of strength and becomes younger, it will immediately be noticeable that the character has a rest. >

relative to the maximum level in the game, so far it is 50, however, the developers have some idea about this, but what exactly is not announced.

at home in the game will make it possible to choose citizenship for the character If there are several houses, then the player will simply choose one thing.

In the near future, the team promises to show a review of all classes, then it will be easier for players to understand what is at stake. The skills system is still under development, because The team cannot decide how many of them should be, ultimately.

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