ASHES OF CREATION: A new large project trailer

Today, Intrepid Studios has released a new trailer for the MMORPG ASHES OF CREATION. This is a preliminary viewing of pre-alpha-anren that players will see and will be able to play at the upcoming Pax West conference, from September 1 to 4. The broadcast will be held live from PAX on the

shes of Creation - this is the open world of MMORPG, which promises to constantly change thanks to the economy and settlements, under the control of players.



This is, of course, an ambitious game, and it was funded by Kickstarter, collecting colossal $ 3.271,809 from 19,576 users. As we promised, we follow the news about this game, and we will continue to share them with you.

The game is planned at a PC in December 2018.

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