ASHES of Creation: Apocalypse: adds a new map

ashes of Creation: Apocalypse, an autonomous additional version of the upcoming sandbox MMORPG ASHES OF CREATION released the game, which added a new map and improvement of the user interface. A new map called Forest of Erinthia is a winter biomonal map that contains vast enchanted forests. An additional environment will be added to Apocalypse, since the game strives to add castle sieges and the Horde mode.

"We add a Forest of Erinthia card to experience in Apocalypse! Long before your character entered the world of MMORPG Verra, your ancestors lived in the enchanted forests of the great Piri forest of Erinthia. These lands flourished, and for a long time were the house of the Kingdom of Pyria under the rule of Eridel. The Great Forest of Erinthia is huge and borders on many other settlements, including some settlements, "the developer explains.

To obtain additional information about updating the content of Forest of Erynthia, visit the official website of ASHES OF CREATION. P>

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