Ashes of creation: class class - basic and secondary classes
Yesterday, a class list of basic and secondary game classes appeared on the official website of the MMORPG ASHES OF CREATION.
ASHES of Creation classes allows you to choose one of the eight basic classes for starters, and then you can mix it With an additional class, to create one of the sixty -four unique classes.
secondary classes as developers say - this is more than just another list of spells and skills that can be added to your hot panel. They are not secondary only by name, since they bring unique additions that radically change the work of the main class skills. Only the main class cannot be changed.
When the players choose their main class, it does not just dictate how the next few hundred hours of gameplay will go - this is what the developers say. In 2018, developers promise to describe in detail each of the eight basic classes, as well as all 64 combined classes with brief minimums, skills and mechanics.
Well, you can see the class, do not translate, so that you do not, so that you They could see the name of the classes in the original.

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