Ashes of creation: Dunheim's dungeon diary and dungeon
The developers of the ambitious MMORPG ASHES OF CREATION posted a small video that shows one of the dungeons. In addition, this video is accompanied by a small story from the diary of Dillia, with a brief translation of which you can familiarize yourself below.
deep in the ruins of Dunheim, there is one of the majestic cities of the destroyed civilization of Dunzenkel. The perfumes of citizens have long been wandering in the once great halls of the destroyed city.
Dielia Diary
"I was a child when they first appeared in the night sky. At first there were three different lights. Not quite bright in the sky, in themselves they were quite bright. My mother told me that this is a sign of the gods, that the world is about to change. She felt such things. More than one generation in my family, women on the female line were oracles (predictors). Even in the large halls of the King of the Greek, there is a huge table on which a story about my great grandmother was carved, who was a member of the Council of the Oracle Court and how she predicted the elevation of the immortal during the Great War. How the days, months and years passed, the number of lights in the night sky increased. Priests in temples began to treat lights as harbingers. After I graduated from the University of Kamenobes, there were already 16 lights. Every month, the lights increased in size and shone even brighter.
In Dunheim, nothing changed. The families with whom I grew up began to leave the city and go to the heart of the mountain. Travelers became rare guests in our city, and the temple’s services were filled daily with new faces who were looking for answers about the harbingers and what they foresee. My mother also wanted to leave the city, but my father did not even want to hear about it. His auction house is what gave us food, and my brothers were in the Security Council. There was not even a hint of my father to go uphill. Honor and respect mean more than life itself, and my father was very proud of my brothers. Despite my mother’s desire to leave the city, we remained.
Life continued, as usual. Day after the day at the top there were precursors, which, in the end, were visible even during the day. A constant reminder of the future that will befall Verra. The greatest clerks of our time could not find references to this phenomenon in ancient manuscripts. The high priests and oracles of all the main temples in the Kingdom of Dunzenkell were called into the great capital of Duntol.
a few days before the meeting of the Great Council of King Brunir defeated a mysterious disease. My mother, who was part of the delegation from Dunheim, wrote to me, describing the exhausted appearance of the king. King Brunir stood to greet delegates and collapsed at the beginning of the blessing ceremony. What meant the meeting of the Great Council became the coronation ceremony. When the king’s death is announced, the eldest daughter of King Brunir Wilga became the queen of the Kingdom of Dunzenkell and the defender of the dwarves.
My mother returned from Duntol with another woman with horror in her eyes. My father and she talked in her room all night. The next morning, I first saw that my father was paralyzed with fear, as if he had seen a ghost. We began to gather immediately, planning to go to my uncle Aetlan Empire. My brothers were told that our Uncle Godin died during the collapse, and we had to visit his funeral. This was the only time my parents, and I told my brothers the truth. The next day we prepared for a three -day trip. After the fees, we began to follow the road from the mountains. A duration of several miles, it was the only entrance to the mountain. Usually this passage was filled with travelers and travelers from all over Verra. But in recent years, the world has changed, and life in Dunheim has changed with it. A huge roar emanated from the ground and walls. It seemed that the mountain itself was divided. A few seconds later, the shock forced the rams of the supporting our reserves, to fall to the ground. I saw my father's mouth moved when he screamed at me. But I could not hear anything but a loud call that filled my head. At this moment, I felt something wet falling on my neck. I raised my hand to feel what it was... I think the shock of what was happening prevented me from understanding what had just happened. My fingers were covered with blood. The shaking stopped almost immediately, as soon as it began, and, seeing my father, calling me, I saw my brothers struggled to raise the basket that fell. It was then that I noticed a hand from under a broken wooden cart. I immediately ran to the cart and began to push her with all my might.
The frame of the wooden cart moved, opening the exhausted body of my mother. She lay lifeless among the wreckage, and my brothers and me were in shock. Our father was desperately looking for my mother’s bags while we watched the slightest hint of movement.
"Where is it?" - my father asked when he turned books and clothes in different bags that were thrown out onto the road when the cart fell.
"Where what?" - I told him, despite his complete attention dedicated to his search. I saw that my brothers were already at the grain of insanity, and despair began to fill me up, I heard my father shouted. "Got it!"
He rushed to my mother and, standing above her, said a phrase that I did not understand. A dazzling outbreak of white light broke out of my father's hand. A curled and confusing wand fell out of his hands. Then I saw my mother began to cough, tightly compressed by his father's arms. My brothers and I rushed to both of them.
"We need to get out of the mountain, Bron." She told my father when he held her.
"Helgun, Targood, quickly! Help me pack food and supplies. He told my brothers. Looking at me, he asked: "Dillia, watch your mother while I help your brothers." To me.
"Dillia, you need to know something," she said.
"I love you, more than life itself... My only daughter. You are the light of my life, and I will do everything to be safe. Her eyes began to shine. "
" But the darkness came. "

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