Ashes of creation: How the work on the project is moving

On August 23, Intrepid Studios conducted the last summer stream, although at one time they promised that streams would be held regularly 2 times a month. But they have not yet spoil the information about promoting the development of ASHES of CREATION.

briefly about what was told on Stream:

traditionally at the end of Stream, the developers began to answer questions and share some features of the project. Talks were going on about equipment, pets, skills, sea and pirates.

  • The game will have agriculture (where without it), however, some plants will need to be sought in the wild.
  • Professions will also play an important role, so adventurers will need artisans, and vice versa.
  • Drop drops will be useful.
  • The protection of the castle will depend on the number of nodes with which it has .
  • The development of developers in active live events for players in which game managers will take part.

  • siege The node will reward that will become a motivation for an attack on him. You can profit from and robbing a couple of caravans.
  • objects will have a level of quality.
  • Sea spaces will include: caravans, dungeons, raid events, PVP and PVP content.

  • The guild will have development levels that can be pumped by performing guild tasks.
  • also in the game, perhaps a totalizer will appear where it will be possible Betting.
  • Craft will play an important role in the game, and the number of craft professions exceeds 10.
  • The taxation system is being developed, according to which various organizations in the game will be able to establish their taxes. It will not work out to steal money, it can only be spent on the necessary things.
  • Equipment will have various skills: Pasivka and active. . Krit. A random number generator will be used to use the shock and evasion.
  • The team promised to present an excellent demo version of the project for Pax.
  • The development of developers are active cooperation with streamers in order to increase the popularity of the game.

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