Ashes of creation: new goals and achievements

Kickstarter campaign of the MMORPG Asses of Creation is moving very rapidly, already today in the project piggy bank there is $ 2.072.327 and 11590 participants.

since the users bar over 11,000, all participants became the owners of the exclusive marine mount of TidesnAppper.

In addition, the target of $ 2.000,000 is unlocked! Now the goal of social organizations will be able to realize in the game.

And of course, new goals were opened in the list of goals, when achieving:

12000 users - sponsors will become the owners of a unique leather armor and exclusive set of dyes.

$ 2.5,000 - competitions among players on sled animals, additional quests and plots.

13500 users - project sponsors will become the owners of a unique Mount and armor for him.

$ 3.000,000 - the appearance of the stock exchange in the game. In case of losing the guild during the raid, shareholders in this guild will be able to observe a decrease in its value. Also, in the case of promoting the node in the activities and trade routes leading to it, shareholders will be able to see an increase in their dividends. The stock exchange system will bring a completely new aspect to how players can participate in the economy.

we are following further, it is still interesting how the campaign will end, and how the development of the project will develop further.

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