Ashes of creation: new stream and a little gameplay

Yesterday there was a stream of ASHES of CREATION developers, which talked about what stage the project is currently being developed, gameplay, various types of weapons and a model of heroes clothing were shown. You can see the stream in the record below.

here How long the ASHES of Creation stages over the past year:

  • The developer team grew from 12 to 75.
  • ashes of Creation was delivered to Pax West, GDC and Pax East
  • Alpha Zero testing was held in December 2017
  • launched a launch program, where more than 100 players entered the same zone with 4000 NPS
  • players can switch to 10 The level of
  • Early integration of the system of nodes works
  • server performance is good
  • Launch Alpha 1 is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018

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