Ashes of creation: on Stream, the developers talked a little about what has been achieved
January 18, 2018 The developers of the intriguing MMORPG ASHES of CREATION carried out another stream, on which for an hour they talked about what they achieved and answered a variety of players' questions.
The main points of the broadcast were the following:
  • owners of previously acquired sets will be able to improve them at the end of this month;
  • previously shown QTE mechanics was removed from the game and sent for additional testing. During the second alphabeting, servers will work without stops, in addition, developers do not exclude wipes during testing. During the alpha and beta testing, the participants will have the opportunity to take part in conquests. All participants in the tests will receive various incentives. The following testing can be stripped and the scenarit;
  • in the game will be present, some of them will resemble a fairy;
  • is actively working on the balance of distant and close attacks of the characters;
  • In the taverns it will be possible to purchase not only ready -made food, but also to make to order if the player brings everything you need with him;
  • the safe territory of the players will be a personal house;
  • in The players' disposal will be a decent number of mounds that can be chosen at will, their number is completely dependent on the size of the house;
  • a page with a detailed description of class skills, it may appear closer to launch or at the last stage of testing;
  • The mechanism of tracking the goldsellers and bots is being developed, in addition, players themselves will be able to complain about the attackers.

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