Ashes of creation: open beta will begin as a separate game

The Intrepid Studios developer of the expected MMORPG ASHES OF CREATION, announced today that the open beta version of ASHES of Creation: Apocalypse will be launched with an independent name on December 18, 2018. Unlike the MMORPG version, ApocalyPse is a rapidly developing PVP game. It will be launched with a fighting game mode of up to 100 players, and Intrepid plans to introduce additional modes, such as sieges of castles on 200 players, cooperative campaigns and much more.

Intrepid Studios states that Apocalypse is used to test systems ( Batches, sieges, PVP, etc.) for use in their main MMORPG ASHES of CREATION. Cosmetic objects unlocked in Apocalypse will also be available in the MMO version of the game after starting it.

Recently, many are skeptical of the Intrepid Studios, waiting for a full -fledged MMORPG, but at least something that is something -To release. Although this resembles a distraction from the main game. The time and resources spent on Apocalypse slow down work on the main game, especially if this time is spent on game modes, such as the "royal battle." , waiting for the main MMORPG to come out. If Apocalypse is successful, it will also confirm the ability of Intrepid Studio to perform and make good products.

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