ASHES OF CREATION: Organization of city administration

On the official page of MMORPG ASHES of CREATION, information appeared on how the city management is organized.

Since the game has a government structure controlled by the player, the Asshes of Creation world will resemble the real one, With their ambitions, intrigues and power.

the state system, developers consider everything that allows the player to take control in the game world. First of all, everyone should come to the conclusion on what laws the city will live and partly affect the buildings located on the node.

Therefore, you can interact with the mayor to equip the knot and install those buildings that are considered more profitable. For example, if this is an economic node where a lot of gold is constantly spinning, then the best option will be the expansion of the market, an increase in the number of kiosks or the creation of auction. These decisions will influence the landscape of the node, but also politics. Therefore, a real leader will be able to stand up at the head of the node, otherwise the city system will simply be crumbling.

there is another unusual function of the city hall, because not all conflicts can arise inside the node, there are also external enemies. As in the tavern, guilds or groups can plan the destruction of opponents, the leaders of the nodes can plan the destruction of others in the city hall. The city hall gives you the opportunity to make foreign citizens to certain cities by enemies of the state, rewarding their citizens for helping to hold them accountable. If partisan tactics seem too cool to you, you can press the button to declare war on another knot and attract your citizens to the matter. But to poke madly to throwing Varov, not the best policy, ultimately, you can lose power.

However, the city hall does not stop at hostile positions, you can cooperate here. One of the best ways to show that your knot is friendly is a trading agreement. Each node included in the trade agreement may be prescribed caravans with certain materials for sending to another, while improving the economy of both nodes. This will give experience to all participants, will contribute to the growth of the node and will help build buildings. This can diplomatically lead to greater trust and, possibly, even to the Union.

holding the node, filled and happy, is a difficult task, and it falls on the shoulders of those who were chosen. The easiest way to fill the node is taxes. The cities are controlled by the player, and any interaction in the city is taxed on the basis that the ruling body of the node decided.

A positive way to attract players to your knot is the main goal of the one who is in power. The city hall allows you to reward your citizens or attract even more. You can build streets with celebrations, providing your citizens with gaining experience, unique services, etc. Leaders in the city hall can also generate quests. Remuneration depends on the level of the node, such as the node and the improvements that they made.

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