Ashes of creation: Scientific nodes

The developers of the MMORPG ASHES OF CREATION continue to share information about the nodes in the project. This time they talked about scientific nodes, what they give and how they differ.

Those who seek knowledge, technological progress and want to understand why the world as it is should use a scientific node. In these nodes you will find the tasks and awards for artisans, collectors and those who are looking for the highest level of knowledge of artisans.

Thus completing not difficult tasks from the expedition of scientists, players can improve the scientific node. This will reveal abilities in many professions and will allow you to specialize in the aspects of the collection, processing and craft.

with each type of node, a unique building is associated, which can be activated at the 3rd level of the development of the node. In this type of scientific node, this unique building is a building of knowledge and training. Many tasks and professions will intersect with a scientific node, and at each stage after level 3 it offers drawings for buildings, as well as tools and reagents for collecting and manufacturing. For example, a unique building of a scientific node is a library in which the history of the server is recorded. Players can use the library to access information. Each building of the scientific node has its own properties and services for players: concentrated essences, runic stones of strength, recipes, etc.

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