Ashes of creation: Taverns and their role in the game

On the official website of the MMORPG ASHES OF CREATION there was a note that tells about taverns and their role in the game.

Many adventures begin in a modest tavern.

What can offer the tavern :

  1. Players will be able to buy food and drinks from tavern. These consumables will give tangible advantages to players who are in a certain proximity to the tavern itself.
  2. Taverns will be more than just a place for AFK.
  3. Music in the tavern can switch players to Give them the necessary atmosphere. You can communicate with friends at the table, refuel food before going into adventures and enjoy the music that you like.
  4. In addition to the delicious food proposed by the tavern, there are systems that really change the game for you:

- rest - experience for the character;

- the system of cards of battles - allow players to develop strategies and receive bonuses for planned attacks;

- traditional games in Bones and card games.

Taverns bring adventures in several directions, one most of the ads. Board of ads where tasks can be placed and completed. This holds the tavern as a center of activity. Taverns act as central points for obtaining various information. They also help to find a group to better cope with adventures, tables in taverns can act as group search engines.

Taverns - a calm place in the stormy world. For those who are looking for a place for small AFK, there are gambling, food, drinks, communication and comfortable housing. For those who want to test themselves, there are quests, awards, problems and rumors about treasures. Regardless of what awaits you during the rest of the day, the taverns are what you are looking for.

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