Ashes of creation: The first 3 goals are almost achieved

Today is the 6th day of the Kickstarter campaign of the MMORPG ASHES OF CREATION, and the amount collected has already reached the figure of $ 1.358.433. Having reached $ 1,500,000, the developer will be able to fulfill all three goals. However, the team does not stop there, the 4th goal of the project has already been announced, when reaching a bar of $ 1.750,000, it is planned to add huge underground territories, the system of development of underground nodes, as well as underground flora and fauna. And the moment that the number of people who sponsored this project in these 6 days has already reached 7535 users. In the form of a bonus, they all received a pretty pet (cat or puppy). When reaching 8,000 users reached, developers promise to give them a unique skin for weapons.

We continue to observe the promotion of the campaign and inform you of interesting facts.

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