Ashes of creation: The publisher will not affect development

When the network appeared that MMORPG ASHES of CREATION will become, which belongs to the Russian technological giant, many grabbed the head and immediately rejected the idea of ​​waiting for this project. But Stephen Sharif, the creative director of Intrepid Studios tried to reassure the players, assuring that there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Since the task of the publisher of the project will be only in the promotion, information support and sale of the game.

In addition, during the last interview with the developers of Ashees of Creation, new details of the game became known:

- for Sales of goods will be special retail space;

- to achieve craft efficiency, you will need to concentrate on 1-2 professions, since you will not be able to achieve a maximum of pumping in all;

- if you are there there "Cut off a little" and because of this the dragon will wake up, you will have to solve this problem by collecting not a small raid, or rather nine raids in each of 40 players. However, having killed the dragon, not all participants in the raids will receive the load.

- During the siege, passing through other players is not provided, and you can most likely clash your forehead with another player if you are not careful;

- compared to alpha tests, beta will be short-term, and you should not even think about OBT;

- perhaps the developers will introduce special free servers where players will be able to test the game.

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