Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Development plans and Season Pass

The developers of the upcoming Action/RPG Assassin’s Creed Valhalla talked about plans for future content. So the scale for the development of Action/RPG Assassin’s Creed Walgalla includes Season Pass, which will discover access to two large additions and a bonus task. In addition, free seasonal content will be provided for all players.

The first addition of the "Anger of Druids" will be released in early spring 2021. In it, you will go to Ireland, where you have to reveal all the secrets of the place where in ancient times the druids made secret rites. You will resist the children of Dan, you will need to expose those who are in this cult, find them and eliminate them.

The second addition of the "Siege of Paris" will be released at the beginning of the summer of 2021 and will reveal one of the most famous events in the history of the Vikings. In this addition, you will see France covered by the war and meet with famous historical faces.

Access to these additions is provided at Season Pass, Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition, along with the additional task "Legend of Beofulf".

In addition, all players will receive free seasonal content, including events, such as yol at the end of 2020, new modes and much more.

The release date of Action/RPG Assassin's Creed Walgall is scheduled for November 10, 2020 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One.

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