Astellia: finally moves west

After more than six years of development, MMORPG Astellia finally moves west, and the developers are preparing to release it in the summer of 2019. The portal had the opportunity to talk with the Astellia team to learn about its features and what distinguishes them from competitors. Here's what you managed to learn from the interview.

What is the basis of MMORPG ASTELLIA?

The main prerequisite for MMORPG ASTELLIA is the fact that the world has plunged into a crisis, because The balance of darkness and light is threatened by a group known as Karza. Karza strives to spoil everything that is, the player turns out to be one of the few people who can control astella, creatures born from stars whom Norden blessed to save the world.

how much the project was developed?

The project was in the development of 6 years, and recently passed open beta testing in Korea, and this year it will be launched in Europe.

Astellia was supposed to be published a year ago In Korea. But for some reason, delayed?

, in fact, at all stages of testing in Korea, the developers carefully collected reviews of the players and checked them. Based on these reviews, the game had to go through several stages of verification in order to be prepared for release. The developers wanted to make sure that they found the time necessary for the preparation of Astellia to exit.

What was improved, changed and supplemented in the game since then?

What distinguishes Astellia from other MMORPG ?

in fact, Astellia is a classic MMO with a highlight, and a highlight is a system of Astelles. Astella give players freedom over their experience. Astella is as diverse as the main classes.

will there be a premium store in the game, and what will be sold there?

the premium store will be present, But only cosmetic products will be sold there.

how the developers will support the game.

The developers have a team of experienced MMO publishers who worked on the creation of infrastructure to support Astellia. Therefore, they strive to provide the best support for both the development of the community and the solutions of intra -game problems.

as for the ongoing development of Astellia, although the developers cannot tell too much details, Astellia has a long and brighter future for content . This is not a game that has already been launched in several regions, and this is not the game that developers simply "publish" in the West.

What are the current exit time?

The team is working to start Astellia this summer. Follow the news in the coming days. Be sure you don’t have to wait long for the beta tests and a completely neglected product.

what functions, according to the developers, will like the Western players most?

Astell’s system allows players to do what they want and be what they want, and this is what, according to the developers, will appeal to players the most. The developers wanted to create a game in which there would be a "holy trinity" of classes, but also with a turn that would give players more freedom.

PVP and Pve

Astellia has what is called "Avalon", this is a place specially designed for PVP. Avalon is a permanent PVP card, where three fractions compete for control over resources, monsters and other values. Each Avalon campaign lasts a week and is intended for both large -scale battles and for small teams that can contribute and play a significant role in the war. The developers want both PVE and PVP players to find a place in Astellia. Thus, PVP directed players has a large area of ​​the open world to fight, and PVE directed are not forced to experience it, everyone can choose.

there will be dungeons of different formats: solo, group and legendary, each of which has Awards depending on the level. There is also a PVE Arena, similar to the Horde mode, where players should protect the crystal from monsters, receiving a large award in a long time.

there is a standard PVP arena, group and solo, but in addition there is a permanent card "Three fractions ", where players fight for dominance every week called Avalon.

Let me remind you that the Ukrainian -language version of MMORPG Astellia will be published by Gamenet. But the deadlines of its exit are still unknown.

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