Astellia: Korean version is already closing

Nexon thought and... decided to close the Korean version of MMORPG Astellia, since most likely the project did not live up to their expectations. Closing the game is scheduled for January 16, 2020, but for now, players can enjoy the last few weeks, having received different buns in the game.

The developers made an official appeal to the players about this:

"After we conducted careful research, we made a difficult decision to close the Korean version of the game. We sincerely thank all the players. "

If you remember, the English -language version of MMORPG ASTELLIA was launched at the beginning of this fall, and the Ukrainian -language version is now at the EZBT stage. Now it’s too early to talk about what decision the publishers will make in relation to the project when they publish all the content, but players should already think about the future of the game.

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