Astellia: Players suffered due to the error of the publisher

Yesterday, a strange case happened in the western version of MMORPG Astellia. The publisher accidentally opened access to the new area Avalon, and then when he discovered this oversight, he "punished" the players.

"This morning we learned that Avalon was opened earlier than we expected. We know about this problem and as a result closed Avalon. Please understand that Avalon has not yet been finalized. Some players managed to enter Avalon earlier, and we can determine these users by logs. "

"We can expect that some players will try to maintain their advantage without telling us or trying to hide the objects and rewards that they earned. Please note that this will not work and this is not recommended to do. " GM made the information that the ban on trading new items is not at all aimed at punishing players, but only to restore justice and balance between players.

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