Astellia Royal, free version of Astellia is also closed

Astellia Royal, the free version of MMORPG ASTELLIA, which will be closed soon, unfortunately, will follow the ill -fated footsteps of its predecessor. The service will be closed with Astellia on October 29, less than a year after the launch in the West.

"Unfortunately, we decided to stop servicing Astellia Royal Steam. We regret to report that the Astellia Royal Na / EU service will be closed on October 29, 2021. We would like to thank you for playing Astellia Royal so far, and please find the detailed schedule of Steam service. "

this announcement was no surprise, since the number of players in the game over the past few months has not increased, and is on average about 30 players per day. The download button in Steam is also missing for some time, which, we can say, is a very large red flag.

more detailed information can be found on the official website Astellia Royal.

Ukrainian -language version of MMORPG Astellia Gamenet served by Gamenet works in the same mode, so you have the opportunity to play this game.

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