Atlas: Pirates received a huge update

MMORPG with a pirate theme of Atlas received just a mega-renewal that fills the game world 40% more islands and unique parts of the land, and also changes the map of the card. There are also new places of deep water and submarines for their research, plus giant crabs, which you can fight and ultimately tame.

Perhaps the most interesting in the update is that it adds a new game mode called "Colony", which is designed to encourage cooperation and less battles.

The press release says: "In the" colonies "located on the new network, players declare about" settlements on the islands ", where they can configure individual PVP watches to provide such a desired" protection against raids in Autonomous mode. " Anyone can build - according to special rules - on the islands of other settlers, and players are profitable to cooperate with other settlers on the island in order to reduce the cost of its maintenance. "

it is quite possible that this new gaming mode can become more attractive for The solo of players and small groups that will no longer have to worry that it will come to the point that they will be completely destroyed by large pirate groups. Original PVP mode is still in action and is now called "Empire."

You can read complete information about patch here.

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