Atlas: someone hacked the administrator accounting

The wave of misunderstandings between the players of different continents in the pirate MMO Atlas has recently been launched in Steam. How a new misfortune appeared, yesterday some "craftsman" managed to access the account of the Steam administrator and damage the entire official PVP network of North America.

Using special teams for debugging administrators, the attacker bombarded the players with combat Aircraft falling from heaven, several tanks of the Second World War and the ocean full of whales. Streamer Atlas Burkeblack simply recorded all this, and you can see chaos in action below.

The damage was so serious that the Atlas developers had to Rinse the servers for five hours, canceling any long -term effects from impromptu calls. They also quickly indicated in the official statement that the incident was not caused by hacking or a third -party program, and took "the corresponding steps so that this would no longer be repeated."

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