Atomic Heart: An unusual shooter publishes strange teasers

This week, the developers of the unusual Khorora Atomic Heart published a couple of strange teasers.

In today's teasher, a certain woman Zina appears in the trap of a tunnel of molecular mass. Despite the fact that I still saw several mundfish teasers, I am sure that, most likely, this is not the most strange continuation ever created for the upcoming shooter.

P>The name of the tizer "Baba" (Grandma) Zina Trapped in Polymers. Facility 3826 (Baba Zina, caught in a trap of polymers. Enterprise 3826) in which the flow of vague molecular fluid moves a tunnel. It is not clear how long Baba Zina is in a trap, but it seems that she was taken by surprise, since her handbag and personal belongings lie on the floor. There are also fish in the tunnels, why is it there? Damn carpets under her feet mean that maybe a woman was in a hurry somewhere. And who is this sinister man, in the background?

Tizer published a few days ago Soviet Television at Facility 3826 (Soviet television at the enterprise 3826). Everything is turned upside down, as if someone was looking for something, a bunch of corpses on the floor and what kind of mechanical grip hanging from the ceiling? As in the previous video, I don’t know (and I'm not sure that I want to know).

atomic Heart does not have a specific start date, but is preparing to exit in the 4th quarter of 2019 year on the Steam page. At the moment, you can pre -order on the official page of the project.

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