Back 4 Blood: This is most likely Left 4 Dead 3 in a new form

Some time ago, many were heard by one of Valve's projects, known as LEFT 4 DeAD 3, but we went rumors, but we never saw the project. But, apparently, we will still see him, but, really modified and with a different name. The Game Awards debuted the cooperative shooter Back 4 Blood, in which, in fact, everything is the same as in L4D. Familiar shots of the gameplay, where 4 survivors are trying to break through a lot of terrible gray zombies. And then, suddenly, a four-armed zombie jumps out of the crowd, and spits out something disgusting.... This is already something new. In addition, safety rooms were seen, as always, shootings and stylized horror setting.

During the presentation, the developers have focused that the new project will expand the framework and scale of what you played 10 years ago, with a large number of game characters , a large number of missions, a large number of plots and a wide variety of zombies.

The Back 4 Blood website reveals a little more: "Back 4 Blood is an exciting joint shooter from the first Persons from the creators of the recognition of the critics of the LEFT 4 DeAD franchise. You are in the center of the war against the deadly parasite that has turned humanity into terrifying creatures that eager to devour the remnants of civilization. Since the extinction of mankind at the stake, you and your friends have to fight the enemy and return the world. "

The developers promise to tell more details before the end of the year, and the live broadcast of the gameplay is scheduled for December 17th.

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