Baldur’s Gate 3: Will not come out in August

In June, the General Director for the Development of RPG Baldur’s Gate 3 said that the studio is trying his best to prepare the project output in August, but the Covid-19 pandemic can slow down the course of events.

"For us this is a blow, as for everyone in the world," he said at that time. "Nevertheless, we managed to achieve significant progress, so we think that we will do it."

Now that August has come, the developers were forced to reconsider their optimism. The studio announced on Twitter that she would not release the release of early access in August, but that this is the event "not far off." The exact release date and other "important news" will be disclosed on August 18.

good News and Bad News. BG3 Won’t Hit August, But It’s Just Around The Corner. We’ll Be Announcing the Release Date, As Big News On Tune in Aug 18th. S1rlvpj8yw nkkrnhph0

- Larian Studios (@larianstudios) August 4, 2020

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