Battlefield v: Progress, personalization and currency

Today, Battlefield V developers talked about some moments related to the progress and currency of the game.

According to the developers, they strive for all Battlefield fans to become long and fascinating through the events of the Second World War. Therefore, it was decided to refuse Premium Pass for Battlefield v.

playing in any MMO mode, each player will be able to develop and personalize his weapons. Progress in Battlefield v will be earned throughout the game. You play more, develop more, get more various items for personalization.

The project will have two currency options: the first is the game, the second is acquired for Real. You will receive game currency for progress, performing various tasks and special. tasks.

as the character develops, you will reach a certain point of progress and you can get new items for your detachment.

In addition, the Battlefield v will have a ranks system, there are five of them. Each category will also have its own progress, and influence certain aspects of your game.

learn more about the ranks, progress and currency in Battlefield v.

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