Battlefield V: Review of the Cards "Rotterdam", "Narvik" and "Harded steel"

Today, the developers of the first -person shooter Battlefield v published a review of the maps of the Rotterdam, Narvik and Harded Steel.

There are many city quarters on the Roterdam map, with a string of channels and multi -storeys. In addition, there is an abandoned place of the bazaar, which turned into a nearby zone. Information about the Rotterdam card is useful for the "capture" mode. It is on this map that the events of the 1st and 2nd days of the "big operation" will unfold. Here you can see a detailed review with panoramas of the Roterdam map.

Narwick map is a former partially destroyed port city. Information about the Narvik map is also suitable for the "capture" mode. The battles of the first two days of the Norwegian "Big Operation" will unfold on this map. Here you can see a detailed overview with the panoramas of the Narvik map.

Map "Equipped Steel" is the Battlefield V network card, the battles will be held in France. The battles will be concentrated on a giant, partially destroyed steel bridge. Here you can see a detailed review with the panoramas of the area of ​​the "Irdated steel".

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