Battlerite Royale: Early access and maonets

The developers of the MMO Action Battlerite Royale have published an appeal to the players. According to the developers of Battlerite Royale will become a separate project, since during the development of Battlerite it became clear that the separation of the same balance and philosophy as the arena limited the possibilities in Royale. and the opportunity to experience new and crazy things.

"We are sure that the creation of Battlerite Royale in an autonomous game is the best solution for the development of the Battlerite world," the developers say.

detailed FAQ with additional information with additional information Battlerite Royale will be released in early September.

to purchase a package of early access in Steam at the end of September, its cost will be 19.99 US dollars. Please note that Steam prices differ for different regions, as well as for all games.

early access packages will also contain rare mounds: tiger or rocket.

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