Battlerite Royale: ZBT and roadmap

More recently, Stunlock Studios announced that Battlerite Royale has become an independent game, and will be released in the next month.

and today the development plan has been published:

In August:

Registration for the ZBT began. You can register here.

The new season has already begun.

in September:

a closed beta test will be held. For the arena, 3 new cards will be added. New Adventures. And also the project will be available in Steam.

in October:

Halloween, an event with various awards. New seasons will begin.

in November:

a new champion will appear. Celebration of the first anniversary. New emotions will be added. As well as new video recording tools.

in December:

Frozen fogs return to the world of Battlerite, and with them ice goodies that you can get only during this event. The beginning of the new season. The tournament system will be added. New map and new champion (not yet disclosed).

naturally, this is only an intended plan and it can change.

You can study the roadmap in more detail here.

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