Battlerite: This season can be the last

Mmo Action Battlerite will release its third combat pass a little later this month, but it may be the last, according to Stunlock Studios. Referring to a decrease in the number of players and investments, the well -accepted Moba hybrid will be closed, and the studio explores how to best cope with Battlerite and its Battle Royale complement when moving to new projects. Players, we are no longer able to work on Battlerite and Battlerite Royale as the main projects for the studio, "writes Stunlock. "We have long been observing a decrease in the number of players and their investments, as well as a decrease in return from all our last changes in the gameplay and marketing campaigns. Although the players have always been ready to play Battlerite and Battlerite Royale for some time, their preservation has always been our biggest problem. "

As a result, the long -developing system of tournaments will no longer be implemented.

"There were many things that we could not complete, the most noticeable of them was the tournament system that was in development for a long time. Unfortunately, this seems to be the end of the project, and this remains one of our biggest regrets for Battlerite. "

As for the Battle Season 3, it will still be launched on July 10 with some requested changes. There is also a new public lobby for the arena, and the cost of champions was significantly reduced. All details about the new season will appear in the updated patch next week.

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