Battlerite with an updated roadmap

Today, the developers of the MMO Action Battlerite have published changes in the roadmap. So, what is worth expecting in the future development of the project:


- new costumes, new weapons and new terrible events! The worst event of the year is returning to the world of Battlerite on October 17th.

- Darkness over the island of Talon calls on Rukha Kaan, luring it to take part in the battle. It will appear in the game on October 17th.

- the ability to create private games in Battlerite Royale.

- Opening of 4 season.

- go down in the history of your favorite champions and the world Battlerite in the online book of knowledge available to everyone.

- The last season of the year Battlerite Pro League.


- New champion of EZMO.

- celebration of the first anniversary of the game.

- a new cosmetic product.

- a great expectation comes to Odeum, use new tools for the camera and export Clips in the video and YouTube directly from the game.


- Frozen fogs return to the world of Battlerite, and with them the ice goodies that you are You can get only during this event.

- the new champion.

- opening of the 5th season.

- the long-awaited tournament system. Combine with your friends and compete.

- New champion.

in the remote future: new arena, clans system, new champions and new map.

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