Beautiful houses appeared in the update 1.5 Genshin Impact

The latest update of the MMORPG Genshin Impact 1.5 was released, and along with ordinary additions, such as new characters and tasks, the fighting in the open world now also has a player placement system. Mihoyo published all the details about new dwellings based on the teapot of serene, and all other changes in the update.

new characters will appear in update: 5 stars "Dance of the Sea Foam" Eola (Cryo) and 4 stars " Immaculate wisdom "Yan Fay (Piro). Mihoyo spoke in detail about their abilities. As well as about new tasks, domains and weapons in the notes for updating 1.5. But it seems that the largest novelty is the housing system.

You will fall into your house through a tiny kettle called a kettle of serenity. This is a gadget in your inventory that you will put on the ground. And then you will interact with him to plunge into him. It seems that there are all kinds of objects that can decorate your small private island, buildings, animals and landscape objects that can be rotated and placed anywhere. You can see many different details in the trailer below.

as part of the housing system, Mihoyo says that now you will collect firewood around the world. Having found trees from different regions, you will receive different wooden breeds, which make up most of what you need to create new items. Of course, their manufacture takes time, like everything else in Genshin. If you invite your friends to your home, they can accelerate this process a little for you once a day.

"As you place more furniture for the first time, the level of trust of the kettle of the kettle increases", - says Mihoyo. "Increase the level of trust to discover new functions of the teapot of serenity or get different awards."

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