Become a dinosaur at MMORPG to survive Path of Titans

Australian Alderon Games Indian studio announced a new MMORPG to survive calledPath of Titans, which will transfer players during dinosaurs, where they can play for one of the majestic reptiles.

"Admit: you secretly clung to the desire to become a dinosaur from the age of six. Well, Alderon Games is going to realize your dreams. This summer, Alderon invites players to experience the life of dinosaurs in Path of Titans, a completely cross -platform multiplayer survival game. "

The Path of Titans presents more than 30 types of dinosaurs, which players can configure with thin marking , various colors, skins and alternative species for each kind. Up to 200 players will be able to play together on 8-kilometer 2 peseches with an open world inhabited by various creatures with artificial intelligence.

as in ordinary MMORPG, players will be able to perform tasks, participate in game events, open achievements And engage in various activities, such as swimming, diving and fishing. As the game is played, players will also earn glasses that can be spent on abilities and attacks to adapt their dinosaur characters to their preferred game style.

"Settings are the most important element of Path of Titans, - said the co -founder of Alderon Games, Matthew Kassells. "We want players to feel part of a huge sandbox, where they can create a completely unique creature, from sight to skin, color, marks and individuality. We also create an extensive modding system so that players can play an active role in the formation of the future world. "

The game will also have modes of mods and will include powerful modding tools that players can download And use for free.

Closed beta testing Path of Titans is planned to start this summer on PC, Mac, Linux, consoles and mobile devices with cross-platform support. Preliminary orders are already available on the official website and are currently offered at a discount for the basic publication, which includes access to both PC and the mobile version of the game, as well as an exclusive skin.

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