Bethesda Softworks refuses its launcher and moves to Steam in April

Bethesda SoftWorks will officially abandon its launcher and go to Steam in April. The migration process will begin in early April, and detailed instructions will be given as the day of moving approaches. This will take a little work on your part, but it should not be too difficult.

"You have enough time to plan and start transferring your library to your Steam account," said Bethesda . "Steam migration will affect your game library and wallet, which means that you will not lose anything from your account The preservation of many games will also be postponed, and some will need to be transferred manually. For games that require this, you will still use your account to enter the system to play. Your account will not be lost and will still be available on our website in the game, and we will continue to maintain all accounts with our future games. "

for MMO fans The move will not affect The Elder Scrolls Online, while Fallout 76 players will need to take a few quick steps described in this FAQ in order to be able to postpone their account in Steam. You can also switch to the official Bethesda website for additional information.

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