Blade & Soul - Five -minute news

Representatives of the Russian server MMORPG Blade & Soul (Blade and Soul) provided the players with the latest news, of which we learned that:

- the server was recently united, their number was reduced to 4. In the near future Players will be invited to use the inter-server transfer for the migration of characters.

- the exchange rate of gold has stopped artificially limiting, its formation will now be automatically according to the principle of "demand".

- the developers were transmitted to the developers Speaking of players, about the transmitability of triumph signs. The developers gave their consent, now we expect further changes.

- at the moment, 2 and events have been activated in the project.

- after numerous complaints of the players, about the ban of their characters last season for a long time AFK, representatives clarified the situation that in fact about 100 people with different terms of blocking received the blocking.

- in the game you can again use the exclusion of the player from the group in Danzha. However, this function has remained unchanged, and if it became easier to deal with such a problem as the vagona characters, then the elimination of players during the distribution of trophies remained as acute.

- due to some updates of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome , complaints from players to work of the site began to appear. Now active work is underway to eliminate these problems.

- and the most pleasant in the very near future will appear another large update, planned for April 11. Well, we will wait!

Video version of the news (in more detail here):

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