Blas Unleashed exit is postponed at the end of the summer season

It seems that Round 8 needs a little more time to prepare MMORPG BLESS Unleashed for an official PC debut, since the studio postpone the official launch of the game to make further adjustments and changes. Numerous discussions were decided that the release date of Blas Unleashed PC will be postponed until the necessary improvements and further intra -game polishing are completed, "the head of the development department said. "The studio seeks to complete additional developments by mid-July and is very hoping that we will be ready to launch in the summer season."

based on reviews of about 400,000 players who took part in the final beta testing PC, developers will present several key improvements aimed at further optimization of the game for PC users. These include additional improvements in the user interface, numerical timers reloading skills, processing early game content and progress, changing battle and combo, as well as an improved chat filter and characters' names that will be implemented in the starting version of the game.

More information can be found on the Blas Unleashed page on Steam.

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