Bless: a large update in the second half of August

The developers of the MMORPG BLESS Online talked about the update that awaits players in the second half of August 2018.

The project will be added:

- the new class- Assassin. This class will be available to both fractions, in addition, assassin will be compatible with different regimes of combat combo.

- Castra sieges- a new large-scale PVP content. The battle between the two fractions is calculated by 70 by 70 participants.

- a contract contract is a contract that provides authority to manage a certain territory within the faction. The contract under the contract lasts 40 minutes, and guild leaders can make bets using the influence of the guild. The leader of the guild, who won the bet, will become the Lord, and his guild will have the right to participate in the main war. This is created so that the new and small guilds receive a chance of competitiveness with other guilds.

- the main war is a battle that determines who will receive the highest rank, depending on the faction. During the war, players and guilds will be able to receive awards for victory and participation.

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