Bless: Dungeon "Military Fortress of Urdaat"

Despite the reducing player base, MMORPG BLESS still regularly represents content to interest existing players. The game releases the dungeon "Military Fortress of Urdaat" on February 20, which is a dungeon of the 50th level, which can be entered once a week. The update also adds several new cosmetic objects, including the royal costume of the winter sky (2600 lumens) and 3 new objects in the form of a hat (400 lumens each). More information about the next large update will be published next month.

According to Steamcharts, currently BLESS is ~ 640 players online, which is 17% less, than last month, and less than an average of 1550 per month, when the game became free (November 2018). Despite the continuation of the release of new content, in the western version of the game there is still no class of mystic, which was available in the Ukrainian -language version more than a year ago. Mystic will come out somewhere in the first half of this year.

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