Bless mobile: Renaissance

After the closure in 2019, the MMORPG Blas Online returned to the form of a mobile game thanks to the efforts of the developer Thinkfun and the publisher of JoyCity. Bless Mobile is officially launched on Android and iOS devices around the world, promising first -class graphics, detailed characters setting up and combat operations inspired by the original game.

"Bless Mobile is based on the original, popular computer MMORPG with the same name. Using the latest Unreal Engine 4 engine, Blas Mobile revives bright, fantastically created nations; An abound by all attributes of what makes adventure role -playing games and battles so popular. With four different races and five playing classes of the characters, Blas Mobile demonstrates its reliable and extremely deep character setting function. "

To note the global debut of games, the developers will launch the event The entrance to the system that will give players the opportunity to get exclusive pets, simply entering the system for 4 consecutive days. The developers also promise to provide new content, game events and updates within two weeks after the launch of the mobile MMORPG.

Blas Mobile is not the only attempt to revive Bless IP. Bandai Namco and Round 8 Studios also launched Bless Unleashed on Xbox One in March 2020 and on PlayStation 4 in October of the same year. The PC version is going to be reborn again this year.

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