Bless Online: Another death

For several years, MMORPG Blas Online fought for its existence in different regions of the world, and unable to find her audience. Years of development and large amounts of money went to the project, but, unfortunately, as happens in such cases, the developers decided to complete this torment and close Blas Online. The last PC version closed today.

Although about $ 60,000,000 were invested in the game, the players did not see the promised amazing graphics and a fascinating gaming process. In addition, Blas Online constantly struggled with a huge number of bugs and shortcomings. What only worsened the already sad position of the game.

Is the last death of Blas? But apparently the developers still believe in the resurrection of their idea in the form of Blas Unleashed for Xbox One, claiming that this is a completely new game. But, and this will already show the future.

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