Bless Online: Future updating and changing the rules of the game

The moment is approaching when a new interesting update will appear in Blas Online. Already, a patch has been installed on the test server and only after testing it is planned to be installed on the servers of the game. But the administration of the project decided to raise the curtain somewhat and tell what users await the users in the update.

with the introduction of innovations, users whose characters reached 50 lvl will be able to test the 1st part of the raid dungeon, the tomb of the warrior king. To do this, players will need to create a raid of 10 characters, only then they will be able to fight the first bosses: the captured spirit of the Tlenus and the leader of the ghosts of the neuro. However, it will also not be easy to get into the crypt, in order to open the door, you need a jiana key, respectively, players are already required to store the keys. Having visited the dungeon, the players will receive various trophies, including epic runes.

In addition to updating, editing the rules of the game were made, namely in section 4 about "the spread of advertising information, destructive propaganda". A system of blocking traders of game currency is introduced.

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