Bless Online: Royal Quets and Basel Gorge

Today there is a letter from the developer Blas Online, which describes: new content, changes and improvements that are planned in updating July 4, 2018.

Royal Quests - this is a new daily series of tasks that will be available to characters With 45 levels. Players will be able to find and accept these quests in different places around the world; They will be marked with purple icons of assignments on the map of the world. Players will be able to fulfill a total of 15 royal quests per day to maximize their awards. Some of the possible rewards include even rare animals and monsters!

The Basalsky Gorge is the essence of the conflict between the fractions of the Union and Hieron. Game items, including difficult bosses (Queen of Spiders Akasis, murderous rover and others), you can attack enemy bases and call enemy troops to battle.

In addition to this new content, there will also be some adjustments to the improvement of the market . Prices for some products will be adjusted. In addition, improvements will be made in the user market interface to make it more convenient for players.

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