Bless Online: The maximum level will be 50

Today, on the MMORPG Bless Online page, the announcement of the next large update was published, which is scheduled for November 07, 2018. The update will contain an increase in the character pumping plan to 50, a new raid, equipment, quests and much more.

After updating, players who have already reached the upper pumping plan will be able to develop further up to 50 levels. For this, new areas, plot and hunting quests will be added. As the maximum level is increased, all the characters will have to pump up to 50 levels to take part in the Royal Quest, which will be displayed daily randomly. For players of level 50, which can be passed once a day (recommended group of five players). Players can enter the Zeeto laboratory in the forbidden zone of polluted forest. Inside, players will be able to track down Zeeto and reveal the secret of the underground laboratory.

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