Bless Unleashed developers continue to improve PC version

Round 8 Studios and Neowiz first announced that MMORPG Blas Unleashed (Bless Online) will be released on PC in June 2020. After 9 months and several closed tests, the developers are still finalizing the game to make control elements and the user interface more intuitive for keyboard and mouse users. Partly, the reason for the delay in PC is that the game was originally developed taking into account the consoles and gamepads, as the team explained in its last developers blog:

"Thanks to several discussions and development tests, we realized that we realized that A simple transformation is not enough to ensure sufficient ease of work, and at present we improve many aspects so that users who like games using the keyboard and mouse can enjoy the game more comfortable. The inconvenience associated with the need to use both the keyboard and the mouse when navigation by the system menu was reduced, so most operations can only be performed with the mouse, and the use of the mouse cursor can be more intuitive. " P>The developers also deepen in particular changes in control elements and user interface, including holding buttons, status notifications, emoticons and a new card. "Thanks to these improvements, we expect users who are already familiar with the game, as well as those who first encounter this game, will be able to play in a more convenient PC environment," the developers said.

more detailed information can be more detailed Find on the page of the Steam Blas Unleashed community.

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