Bless Unleashed offers starting sets before the release

MMORPG Blas Unleashed from Neowiz officially enters the PC on August 6, 2021. The game was available on consoles (Xbox and PlayStation) for some time through the Bandai Namco, but the version for PC is finally launched in Steam in less than 2 weeks.

in Bless Unleashed you can play for free, so for Games do not require the sets of the founders, but if you buy a set, you will get a number of intra -game utility.

bless Unleashed is a version of the old Blas Online for Unreal Engine 4. But this time Blas promises better visualization and more optimized experience . While the original Bless was buggy and slow, it is still worth it to give Blas Unleashed a chance when it comes out on August 6.

with the list of sets and their cost can be found on the official page of the game on Steam.

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