BLESS: World closure or rumors?

On the Internet there was information that Aeria Games will stop the MMORPG BLESS publication in North America and Europe. As they say a few days ago, the localizer had a meeting with the developer in Korea, and the joint work was completed. The reason for the completion of cooperation was the problems of product quality.

of this kind of rumors since the end of last year, which clearly excited Western users. Then representatives of the localizer scattered doubts and continued to work, but since the beginning of this year, the appearance of information about the project has significantly decreased.

Recall that on May 25 of this year, the Russian Localizer MMORPG BLESS also closed the project for an indefinite time due to many technical problems. In the very near future, an official statement from Aeria Games about the future of the project should appear, well, wait.

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