Blizzard confirmed the output Diablo 4

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase presented this Sunday was full of important ads not only from two studios, but also from other outstanding industry players. Among them was Blizzard Entertainment, which finally announced the output of Diablo 4 and introduced its fifth and last game class - a necromancer.

"In battle, along with the legendary classes, a barbarian, sorceress, robber and druid The legendary necromancer, the fifth game class of characters, who returns with the new undead mechanics enters. Players will be able to use the book of the dead necromancer, a completely new ability for a class that allows them to dominate the battlefield with a deeper configuration of their undead of his army than ever before. "

The book of the dead will allow players to call various mobs of undead, in order to fight for them, including fast shooters, hypergressive skeleton warriors, armed with swords and shields of defenders or reap armed with braids. They can also bring down destructive spells on their enemies using skeletons magicians, or throwing huge golems with various characteristics.

The developer team also offered a short prevention of Diablo 4 gameplay for Xbox Series X with comments. Currently, preliminary registration has been opened for the upcoming beta testing, although the date of game testing has not yet been announced. The game itself is planned to be launched on PC, PlayStation and Xbox in 2023.

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