Blizzard Entertainment announced the resignation of the general director

Michael Morham, co -founder and executive director of Blizzard Entertainment, left the post of general director. Through the official social networks and the official page of Blizzard Entertainment, Michael Morheim’s resignation was announced from the General Director. He led the company as a developer and executive director for 27 years.

In his appeal, Michael Morheim wrote words of gratitude to the company's employees. He also left a message to the players who make up the gaming community that he could not do anything without them, emphasizing that players who love and participate in various events are the most important for the company.

After his resignation, it is said that Morheim will assume the role of adviser Blizzard Entertainment. Allen Brack, the current General Director, the current World of Warcraft Production Director.

"joining the World of Warcraft team and my favorite gaming company almost 13 years ago was an unimaginable dream. Now, I was elected to lead Blizzard in the future, this is a great honor and a huge responsibility, "Allen Black said in his appeal. He also promised that he would still continue to support the values ​​of Blizzard.

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